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Stanford Scientists Discover Bladder Cancer Stem Cell
Researchers at Stanford"s School of Medicine have identified the first human bladder cancer stem cell and revealed how it works to escape the body"s natural defenses.

Dialing Up The Degrees To Fight Cancer
"My wish is simple, but I wouldn"t have given it a second thought this time last year," Joe Castelli said as his eyes welled up with tears. "I want to see my children grow up. I have two daughters who are nine and seven."
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Howard County Pharmacy Owner Indicted For Health Care Fraud
A federal grand jury yesterday indicted Pamela Arrey, age 48, of



New Interventional Pain Management Guidelines Released By The American Society Of Interventional Pain Physicians
One Force Behind The MYC Oncogene In Many Cancers Uncovered By Fox Chase Researchers
HIV/AIDS Vaccine Coalition Urges Continued Funding For Research Amid Economic Crisis
Shanghai To Relax One-Child Policy As China Faces Aging Population, Shrinking Work Force
FDA Warns Consumers Not To Use Body Building Products Marketed As Containing Steroids Or Steroid-Like Substances
House Democrats Hope To Forge Deal On Package, Wait For Score
Jury Rules For Florida Hospital That Deported Brain-Damaged Immigrant Patient
New York Times Profiles Afghani Maternal Health Advocate
Cannabis Science Receives FDA Industry Guidelines For Mapping Out Its Initial Drugs Offerings For FDA Submission And Testing
Illinois Counties Facing Increases In STDs Among Teenagers; Bill Aims To Reduce Rates
Ventana\'s Promising New Anti-Obesity Patent
New Survey: Health Care Leaders Say Need For Reform Is Urgent; Broadly Support Public Health Care Option, Provider Payment Reform
CytRx Drug Candidate INNO-206 Results In Ovarian Tumor Shrinkage In Animal Trials
Parents Needed To Help Curb Teenage Births Among Hispanics, Group Says
Prostate Cancer Screening And Trust Of Physician Evaluated
National Review Of The Independent Reviewing Officer Service In Wales
Men And Women See Things Differently
Pseudoephedrine Decision Demonstrates Confidence In Community Pharmacy
Three Organizations Form Alliance To Address Global Malnutrition
Latin America Accounts For Two-Thirds Of All Confirmed H1N1 Deaths
Shutting Down Health Care Fraud; Increasing Transparency
Sixth International Congress On Peer Review And Biomedical Publication
Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic To Provide Free Health Care To The Uninsured
Employing People With Autism Could Save The UK Economy Billions Each Year
From Molecular Physiology To Therapeutic Applications Of Stem Cells
Painting Clearer Picture Of Biological Processes Using \'Microfluidic Palette\'
If Bipolar Disorder Is Over-Diagnosed, What Are The Actual Diagnoses?
Ambulance Phone Triage System Misses More Than 50% Of Stroke Patients
Glutaric Aciduria Type I: Therapy Should Extend Beyond Childhood
Women Show More Pronounced Health Benefits From Physical Activity
Immune Responses To Flu Vaccine Are Diminished In Lupus Patients
Sciele Pharma And Plethora Solutions Announce Positive Results Of Final Phase III Pivotal Trial For PSD502 For Premature Ejaculation
Smokefree Innotec, Inc. Addresses FDA Concerns About Electronic Cigarettes
Comfrey Root Extract Ointment Relieves Back Pain Fast
Low Levels Of Contamination Found In Ready-to-eat Speciality Meats Sold In UK
WellPoint Announces Decision To Cover H1N1 Vaccine Administration
Thousands Of New Mexicans Could Lose Private Insurance, Study Shows
Action Needed Now To Stop NHS Wales Becoming Unsafe For Staff And Patients - Says British Medical Association Cymru Wales
British Medical Association Comment On Announcement On NHS Treatment Centres
New Training And Education Programme Introduced For The Scientific Workforce In Genetics, UK
What Is Alzheimer\'s Disease? What Causes Alzheimer\'s Disease?
Educate, Collaborate, Share And Network On HIMSS Clinical Decision Support Wiki
Insurers Struggle In Downturn As Senators Consider Adding New Tax
Use Science To Convince Teens A Sober Prom Is Better, American Association for the Advancement of Science Says
Rush University Commencement Ceremony, June 13 At The UIC Pavilion
New Strategy May Be Valid Alternative To Traditional Antibiotics
Physicians Can Lead Health Care Reform Through Payment And Delivery System Reforms
How Resveratrol In Red Wine Works As An Effective Therapy For Life-Threatening Inflammation
Algebra Adds Value To Mathematical Biology Education
Children Capable Of Lifesaving CPR
Unique Immunization Method Provides Insights About Protective Anti-Malaria Immune Response
Antibody Targeting Of Glioblastoma Shows Promise In Preclinical Tests, Say Lombardi Researchers
Shire Announces Study Results Of The Effects Of INTUNIV™ Extended Release On Secondary Measures In Children With ADHD And Oppositional Symptoms
HHS Secretary Sebelius, Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announce New Strategies To Keep America\'s Food Supply Safe
What Is Diphtheria? What Causes Diphtheria?
GlaxoSmithKline And Genmab Announce Top-line Results For Ofatumumab In Rheumatoid Arthritis
FDA Issues Complete Response Letter For INTUNIV™ (guanfacine) Extended Release For The Treatment Of ADHD In Children And Adolescents
$940,000 In Stimulus Funds Won By UTSA Biologists To Advance Research: 2 Studies Will Focus On Food Safety And Disease Prevention
In Parkinson\'s Fly Model, Dementia Induced And Blocked
Obama Issues Directive To Enact New Embryonic Stem Cell Research Rules
Blogs Comment On Ryan-DeLauro Bill, Sex Education Funding, State Reproductive Health Legislation
Gene Variant That Increases Ovarian Cancer Risk Discovered
Capps Celebrates Energy And Commerce Passage Of Comprehensive Health Insurance Reform Bill
Turner Syndrome Society Of The United States Announces Ambitious Goal To Crush Ignorance Of Turner Syndrome (TS)
Twin Study Examines Associations Between Depression And Coronary Artery Disease
Safe For Passengers With Lung Disease To Travel By Air
Micromet Receives European Orphan Drug Designation For Treatment Of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia With BiTE Antibody Blinatumomab
Oncothyreon Announces Presentation Of Long-term Stimuvax Data At World Conference On Lung Cancer
Effectiveness Of Pelvic Floor Exercises, Digital Vaginal Palpation And Interpersonal Support On Stress Urinary Incontinence
Comp. Effectiveness Promises Better, Cheaper Health Care But Critics Link It To Rationing
California\'s Struggle With Insurance Exchanges Offers Lesson For National Reform
Also In Global Health News: Tanzania Drug Audit; WFP Might Suspend Flights; Acute HIV; HIV/AIDS In China
Detection Of "Prolonged Grief Disorder" May Help Bereaved Individuals
Bayer Schering Pharma Presents Positive Results Of Phase II Study With Riociguat
Long-term Health And Social Outcomes For Neuroblastoma Survivors
Parents Fear Errors During Children\'s Hospitalization
Scientists Halt Epilepsy In Mice
Regular Yoga Practice Is Associated With Mindful Eating
For Struggling Single Moms, 3-Generation Households Are Better Than 2
Multimodality Treatments Effective In Halting Lung Cancer Progression
Stanford Scientists Discover Bladder Cancer Stem Cell
\'SIRT\'ain Security: The Protein SIRT3 Protects The Heart
Stem Cell \'Daughters\' Lead To Breast Cancer
Holding Breath For Several Minutes Elevates Marker For Brain Damage
As Swine Flu Deaths Rise Worldwide, US Schools Brace For "Nasty" Flu Season
What Is Cervical Cancer? What Causes Cervical Cancer?
Web Site Helps Caregivers Navigate Medicare
Louisiana Cuts Rates For Medicaid Providers
Commercialization Grant Awards Announced By Life Sciences Discovery Fund
Filter-Feeding Bivalves Can Remove Avian Influenza Viruses From Water And Reduce Infectivity
Breast Cancer Risk May Be Affected By The Way You Eat
Visual Processing \'Hinders Ability\' To Read Body Language: Autism Study
Deet, The Popular Insect Repellent, Found To Be Neurotoxic
Dr. David B. Samadi Introduces New Prostate Cancer Care Center For Robotic Surgery Patients At Mount Sinai Medical Center
The Advantages Of Nerve-Block Anesthesia Include Improved Pain Relief
Underweight And Very Severely Obese Patients At Risk Following Liver Transplantation
Enormous Increase In NHS Spending On Management Consultants, UK
Global Public Health Threat Continues From Lead-Based Consumer Paint
Personal Exposure Monitors Show Pharmacy Workers Inhale Drugs When Using Air Pressure-Activated Dispensing Machines
Methods For The Diagnosis Of Heart Failure Reviewed
Not Only Does Our Gut Have Brain Cells It Can Also Grow New Ones, Study
Novel H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Update For Arkansans
GeoVax Labs, Inc. Provides Clinical Studies Update
Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Phase 2 Study Results For Radezolid In Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Abnormal Brain Circuits May Prevent Movement Disorder
Patient Recall Rates May Be Decreased By Digital Mammography Plus Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
What Is Health? What Does Good Health Mean?
Competitiveness And Perfectionism: Common Traits Of Both Athletic Performance And Disordered Eating
Biotech Leaders, Patient Advocates Highlight Cutting-Edge HIV/AIDS Therapies, Need For Next Generation Treatments
What Is Endocarditis? Why Healthy Teeth Could Help Care For Your Heart


Key Senate Panel Struggles To Reach Consensus
Health Protection 2009 Conference - Programme Announced
Governors Question Medicaid Expansion While Some States Do More With CHIP
Efforts To \'Fix\' Medicare Payments At Center Of Reform
Seegene\'s Seeplex(R) RV Multiplex PCR Tests Prove Effective For The Identification Of The New Influenza A H1N1
Stem Cell Therapeutics Receives Clearance From Health Canada To Proceed With The Phase IIb Clinical Stroke Trial
Obama Administration Silent On San Francisco Health Insurance Ordinance
Local Meeting Held In California To Discuss HIV/AIDS Spending Priorities In Face Of Proposed State Budget Cuts
Stop Seeing Red By Looking Through Blue-Tinted Lenses, UK
In Huntington\'s Patients, Transplanted Neurons Develop Disease-Like Pathology
First Minister Announces Funding For Second Phase Of Life Sciences Institute, Wales
New Global Subsidy For Malaria Medicines Must Ensure Quality Of Care
First Genetic Evidence For Why Placebos Work Presented By UCLA Scientists
Can Pen And Paper Help Make Electronic Medical Records Better?
A Mother\'s Exposure To Urban Air Pollutants Can Affect Her Baby\'s IQ
Southampton Surgeons Honoured For Developing Keyhole Lung Cancer Surgery In The UK
National Health And Medical Research Council Funding For UQ Brain Injury Research, Australia
PBS Listing Of Antifungal Suspension Welcomed By Paediatricians
Affymax Announces Data Monitoring Committee Review Of Phase 3 Hematide Program
Pre-chewed Food Could Transmit HIV
Budget Deal Slashes Health Care, Saddles California With Greater Costs Over The Long Term
Prehypertension, Obesity And Kidney Disease Risks
ADHA Awards Presidential Citation To Minnesota State Senator, USA
Obama Administration\'s Filings On Asylum For Abused Foreign Women Brings \'Overdue Dose Of Clarity,\' Editorial Says
House Democrats May Rethink Tax Increases
Former Health Insurance Spokesman Criticizes Industry Practices
Hampton Court Allergy Screening A Success, UK
Today\'s Opinions And Editorials
Antiretrovirals Can Be Used To Prevent Spread Of HIV/AIDS, Model Shows
Experimental Malaria Vaccine Using Weakened Malaria Parasite To Begin Human Trials
2009/044 NICE Guidance Recommends Tenofovir Disoproxil For Hepatitis B
2009/044 NICE Issues Final Guidance On The Use Of Rituximab For First Line Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
DART Trial Finds HIV Therapy Could Be Given Safely Without Routine Laboratory Tests To Save More Lives In Africa
Mabthera(R) (Rituximab) Available On NHS For UK\'s Most Common Leukaemia
Weight Guidelines For Women Pregnant With Twins
NICE To Meet Again To Discuss Final Appraisal Determination Of Nexavar(R) (Sorafenib) For Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), UK
Candela Receives Registration Approval To Market The Alex TriVantage Laser In Brazil
FDA Designates Fast Track Status For Apaziquone (EOquin(R)) For Bladder Cancer
Milburn Report Ignores Crippling Cost Of Medical Education, Says British Medical Association
Biomarkers May Help Predict Risk Of Alzheimer Disease In Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment
Stem Cell Research Progress - cells that become part of the pancreas or part of the bile duct
Physical Activity In Children Improves Their Sleeping Patterns
Patient Has Speedy Recovery From New Heart Valve Procedure
What Is Radiotherapy? What Is Radiation Therapy?
Advice For People With Asthma On Swine Flu Protection
Blue Dogs: We Have Agreement With House Dems On Health Bill
Costly Drugs Known As Biologics Prompt Exclusivity Debate
U.N. Reports $4.8B \'Record\' Aid Funding Shortfall
Teens Are Exposed To Tobacco Content On Social Networking Sites
Abbott Launches New Instrument To Complete Family Of ARCHITECT Immunochemistry Analyzers
Syphilis Making Comeback, Gonorrhea More Treatment Resistant, LSUHSC\'s Martin Says
Vyvanse CII Significantly Improved ADHD Symptoms For Children 13 Hours After Administration
Oregon Researcher Puts New Focus On How Particles Of Colloidal Materials And Artificial Cells Interact
Enhanced Digital Breast Imaging From US Navy-Funded Technology
The Journal "Foot & Ankle Specialist" Accepted In Medline
Macular Degeneration: The \'See Food\' Diet
First Cancer Congress Update A Huge Success
NICE Recommends VIREAD (tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate) For The Treatment Of Chronic Hepatitis B, UK
Alzheimer\'s-Causing Amyloid And Bacteria Trigger Same Immune Response In The Brain
Gendux Molecular Limited Withdraws Its Marketing Authorisation Application For Contusugene Ladenovec Gendux (contusugene Ladenovec)
Brits Abroad Leave Depressed Friends At Home
Nexavar Approved In Japan For The Treatment Of Advanced Liver Cancer
Study Reveals A Reprogrammed Role For The Androgen Receptor In Adndrogen-independent Prostate Cancer
NCDP Health Care Reform Recommendations Advocate For Diabetes Prevention, Treatment And Care
Clinical Trial Tests Protein To Reduce Angina Pain
RCP President Reponds To New ONS Figures Suggesting That School Pupils Are More Likely To Drink Alcohol If They Live With Other Drinkers, UK
Protein From Algae Shows Promise For Stopping SARS
Uphill Battle For Obama Sparks Comparisons To Clinton\'s Failed Reform Bid
Analyses: CBO Director Elmendorf Becomes Center Of Attention
Also In Global Health News: HIV Prevention In African Women; SIV In Chimps; Aid, Climate Partnerships; Obstetric Fistula
Study Examines Efficacy Of Merck Drug On HIV Reservoirs
Fresh Meats Often Contain Additives Harmful To Kidney Disease Patients
Identifying Pathways In The Brain To Understand The Underlying Molecular Mechanism Of Huntington\'s Disease
Camera Phones Can Help Doctors Diagnose Uncommon Problems
Queensland Researchers And Practitioners To Discuss Public Health, Australia
The National Committee To Preserve Social Security And Medicare - Protecting The Health And Economic Future Of Older Americans
Anthrax Attack Requires Early Detection & Quick Response
Merck KGaA Submits Application For Cladribine Tablets As Multiple Sclerosis Therapy In Europe
BSI-201 Enters Phase III In Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
What Is Anemia? What Causes Anemia?
High-Grade Prostate Cancer Outcomes Treated With Combination Of Brachytherapy, External Beam Radiotherapy And Hormonal Therapy
USA Today Examines \'Incendiary Debate\' Over Abortion Rights
Enthusiasm For Medical Homes Gradually Picks Up
\'Tasting\' Mechanism Used By Airway Cells To Detect And Clear Harmful Substances
Some Strategic Limitation On Individual Knowledge Could Improve The Performance Of A Large And Complex Group, Ant Study Suggests
Management Of Pandemic H1N1 In Swine Herds
Surgery, Oral Devices Associated With Improvement In Sleep Breathing Disorder
Transition To Electronic Health Records Is Now Complete At Randolph Medical Center - Alabama Department Of Public Health
UK\'s Poorest Twice As Likely To Have Diabetes And Its Complications
Evidence Linking Agent Orange, Parkinson\'s, Heart Disease "Limited Or Suggestive", Report
Nanobiotix Reports Exciting Preclinical Results Using Its NanoXray™ Therapeutics Technology To Destroy Tumors
University Of Queesnland\'s Speech Pathology Students Teach The Art Of Smooth Talking, Australia
American Medical Student Association Rejects New Organization Dedicated To Limiting Conflict Of Interest Regulation
British Veterinary AssociationGuide To Partnerships In Veterinary Practice, UK
Highmark Provides Pediatricians With Res To Combat Childhood Obesity
Obesity And Diabetes Reduced By Common Allergy Drug In Mouse Model
Oregon Hospital Building Boom Slows Down
Washington, D.C., Church Addresses HIV Stigma, Teaches Safe Sex To Black, Gay Congregation
Oakland, Calif., Conference Targets Black Women For HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention
Poor Health Habits Discovered In Most Older Long-Term Cancer Survivors
Antipsychotic Drugs Associated With High Blood Sugar In Older Adults With Diabetes
The Cytoplasmic Talk Of Retroviruses Helps Them Spread From Cell To Cell
The Preclinical Natural History Of Serous Ovarian Cancer: Defining The Target For Early Detection
U.S. Residents To Pay Greater Share Of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage In 2009, Report Finds
Sufferers Of Lung Diseases May Be Helped By Placenta-Derived Stem Cells
University Of Queensland Researcher Trials New Treatments For Whiplash
Why Measuring Absolute Risk Of Fracture Could Save Many Broken Bones
Galaxy Zoo Hunters Help Astronomers Discover Rare \'Green Pea\' Galaxies
Inovio Biomedical Universal Dengue DNA Vaccine Demonstrates Strong Immune Responses Against All Four Serotypes
Celsion And Yakult Honsha Announce Start-up Of Japanese Clinical Trial Sites In Celsion\'s Global Phase III ThermoDox(R) Trial For Primary Liver Cancer
Ongoing Study Shows That Endovascular Therapy Is Associated With High Cure Rate For Childhood Eye Cancer
Neurointerventionists Expand Research To Quality Of Life In Aneurysm Patients Following Minimally Invasive Coiling Treatment
The Formula For Sustainable Healthcare Reform


New Plans To Improve Eating Disorder Services In Wales
Easy Strength Training Exercise May Help Treat Tennis Elbow, Study Shows
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Doesn\'t Harm NFL Career Length, Study Suggests
DxS\' TheraScreen(R) K-RAS Companion Diagnostic Approved For Use With Amgen\'s Vectibix™ In Canada
Inovio Biomedical H1N1 Influenza DNA Vaccines Demonstrate 100% Responses Against Swine Flu In Vaccinated Pigs
Texas Department Of State Health Services Issues Fish Advisory For Clear Creek
New Mexico Department Of Health Prepares For Influenza Mass Vaccination Clinics Department Continues To Monitor H1N1 Cases
Lowering Your Blood Pressure Can Be As Easy As Watching What You Eat
Protect Yourself From Tick And Mosquito Bites To Prevent Illness
Physician Groups Support Comparative Effectiveness Provisions In Proposed Legislation
Mystery Of DNA Conformation Unravelled By Baylor Researchers
FDA Approve One-Pill Version Of Plan B, Sets Over-The-Counter Access At Age 17
HHS Purchases Additional H1N1 Vaccine Ingredients
The Union Opens DR Congo Country Office
American Society Of Hematology Awards Grants To Encourage Novel Medical Training Programs
Small Business: The Hunt For Affordable Health Insurance
Today\'s Selection Of Opinions And Editorials
Bill Would Allow Federal Funding For Needle Exchange Programs
Rise In New Cases Of Alzheimer\'s And Dementia, Even In The \'Oldest Old\'
Active Commuters On Track For Healthy Hearts
\'Health On The Hill\' Examines Senate Finance Committee\'s Discussions On Funding Health Reform
Two University of Denver Studies Look At Why Couples Live Together And The Results When They Do
Breast Cancer Risk In Postmenopausal Women Exposed To Hormone Replacement Therapy, Could Be Reduced By Asian Spice
Citrus-Derived Flavonoid Prevents Obesity According To Study
Maryland County Officials Create State\'s First Suburban HIV/AIDS Commission
New Cases Of Alzheimer\'s And Dementia Continue To Rise, Even In The \'Oldest Old\'
Mum Is Key To Solving Obesity
Scripps Discovers Genetic Clues Into Formation Of Cancer Tumors
What Are Cataracts? What Causes Cataracts?
Elbit Imaging Ltd. Announces Swiss Team Uses InSightec\'s ExAblate(R) 4000 Brain System To Treat Patients With Functional Brain Disorders
New Drug Blocks Common Cancer Pathway
Divisions Emerge Among Democrats Lawmakers, Business Groups
Abortion Issue Could Derail Health Reform
Obama Announces Regina Benjamin As Surgeon General Pick
NHS Celebrates Success And Progress In A&E, England
Study Examines Gender Differences In Immune System\'s Response To HIV
Following WTC Terrorist Attacks, High Self-Reported Asthma Rates In Chinatown, N.Y.
Obesity In Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Asthma In Offspring
U.N. Calls For Investing In Women To Ensure Economic Recovery, Reduce \'Health Gap\'
Obama Names Alabama Family Physician Benjamin To Be Surgeon General
Increased Risk Of Emphysema Following Childhood Exposure To Tobacco Smoke
Young Scots From Deprived Backgrounds More Likely To Die From Heart Disease
United We Stand; Divided We Fall - Novel Insight On Bacterial Communication
Mayo Clinic Study Continues To Refine Most Effective Methods To Predict Alzheimer\'s Disease
Stopping Harmful Oral Bacteria In Its Path Is Goal For Case Western Reserve Researcher
Cognitive Function Is Superior In Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Letrozole Versus Tamoxifen
Mayo Clinic Study Finds Earliest Evidence Of Memory Decline In Middle-Aged People At Genetic Risk For Alzheimer\'s Disease
FDA Approves NovoLog(R) Labeling Update
New Path For Cocaine Addiction Research
RCN Statement On Lord Ara Darzi
House Democrats\' Health Bill Would Tax Rich To Finance Insurance Expansion
Internists Note \'Close Alignment\' With Policies In America\'s Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009 -ACP Urges Approval By House Committees
Economy Squeezing Access To Health Care
Two Major Companies Could Join Wal-Mart In Backing Employer Mandate
Swearing Appears To Lessen Effects Of Pain
Pfizer Announces New Phase 1 Data From Two Novel Compounds For Alzheimer\'s Disease At ICAD Annual Meeting
New Report: Private And Public Insurance Choices Would Help Reduce Administrative Health Care Costs By $265 Billion Over 10 Years
The Impact Of Third Hand Smoke On Risk For Genetic Mutations Wins First Place Addiction Science Award At 2009 Intel ISEF Competition
Genomes Of Parasitic Flatworms Decoded
Epilepsy And Schizophrenia Clues From \'Singing Brains\'
Array BioPharma Advances Its Lead MEK Inhibitor Into Cancer
Discovery Of Fetal Short-Term Memory In 30-Week-Old Fetuses
In Australia Indigenous Health Experts Reject MP\'s Call For Removal Of Alcohol Restriction
The Influences Of Peers, Parents On Self Identity Confirmed By fMRI
Timing Is Everything: Growth Factor Keeps Brain Development On Track
University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Named One Of 100 Most Wired Hospitals In The U.S. For 11th Consecutive Year
Internists Note \'Close Alignment\' With Policies In America\'s Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009
Spectranetics Announces First Human Uses Of Turbo-Tandem™ System
Blood Test Shows Statistically Significant Association With Alzheimer\'s Disease (AD), May Predict Conversion Of Mild Cognitive Impairment To AD
Preemies Born In Poverty Four Times Less Likely To Be Ready For School
Lobbyists Elbow For Attention As Health Reform Votes Loom
Lawsuits Allege Some Medical Device Companies Gave Kickbacks To Surgeons
ATryn Effectively Prevents Serious Blood Clots
Scientists Discover Area Of Brain That Makes A \'People Person\'
Improved Recovery In Patients Who Exercised Prior To Stroke
Welsh Assembly Government Written Statement On Swine Influenza, Wlales
New Obesity Data Shows Blacks Have The Highest Rates Of Obesity
Improvements In Sexual And Reproductive Health Of Teens And Young Adults Slowing
Can A Society With Smokers Be Profitable?
Diabetes Wounds Healed With Oxygen Under Pressure
New Ways To Extend Professional Regulation
Doctors Angry About BNP Campaign Tactics, UK
Home Oxygen Patients And Family Members Visit Capitol Hill To Ask Congress To Protect Medicare Home Oxygen Therapy Benefit
Amgen Announces KRAS Safety Update To U.S. Prescribing Information For Vectibix(R) (Panitumumab)
Research Scientists Discover How Flu Damages Lung Tissue
University Of Antwerp Tests Vaccine For Mexican Flu - Vaccine Probably Available In November
Adolescent Drinking Linked To Behavioural Problems
Researchers Working On How Gold Nanoparticles Illuminated With Laser Light May Be Able To Detect And Treat Cancer
House Ways And Means Panel Rejects Amendments To Exclude Abortion Coverage From Health Reform
Blogs Comment On Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings, Health Reform, Other Topics
AMA Backs House Reform Bill, Other Groups, Businesses Eye Reform Positions
New Ad: \'Harry And Louise\' Now Back Health Reform
The Obama Administration Ramps Up Push For Health Care Reform
Fragrance Allergens In Baby Bathwater
American Hospital Association Announces 2009-2010 Class Of Patient Safety Leadership Fellows
President\'s Council Projects Growth For Physical Therapy Profession
New Incentives Needed To Encourage GPs To Teach Medical Students, Australia
Bovie Medical Corporation Announces 510K Submission To The FDA For Its BOSS Soft Tissue Coagulation Device
David Cameron Makes Autism Pledge And Backs Autism Bill
What Is Fungus? What Are Fungi?
New HIV Study Shows That Large Numbers Of Women And People Of Color Can Be Successfully Enrolled In U.S. HIV Clinical Studies
Mental Health Patients Neglected And Forgotten, UK
2009 World Stem Cell Summit Co-Sponsored By Johns Hopkins Medicine
Fighting The Challenges Of Poverty
Three Hospitals Honored For Commitment To Quality
White House Budget Chief Says Issue Of Abortion Coverage In Health Reform Still Under Debate

Health Insurance

Owners Of Ayrshire Meat Processing Plant Fined чЈ30,000 After Worker Loses Three Fingers In Machinery
Cell Cycle Kinases As Therapeutic Targets For Cancer
Study Identifies How Tamoxifen Stimulates Uterine Cell Growth And Cancer
Study Shows The Negative Side To Positive Self-Statements In Self-Help Books
Diabetes Specialists Call For Drug Regulators To Step In To Clarify Lantus Concerns, UK
Medical Defence Union Supports Apologies To Patients But Says No Need For Duty Of Candour
$10 Million European Community Water And Sanitation Project Underway In Iraq; UNICEF Relocates Country Office To Baghdad
Mri Data Showing Tysabri® Promoted Remyelination Presented At The 61st Annual Meeting Of The American Academy Of Neurology
33,902 Swine Flu A(H1N1) Cases Including 170 Deaths In USA
Promoting Safer Childbirth - A Sri Lankan Success Story: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Nearly Two Thirds Of Adults In UK Don\'t Do Enough Exercise, Survey
Pakistani Refugees Continue To Be At High Risk For Disease, U.N. Says
New Pre-Clinical Data On OmniGuide\'s BeamPath NEURO(TM) Demonstrates Precise Cutting In Brain Tissue
Number Of Patients With Dementia On The Rise
Pitt School Of Medicine\'s George K. Michalopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., Receives 2009 ASIP Rous-Whipple Award
AbbeyMoor Medical Receives FDA Approval For Design Improvements To The Spanner(TM) Prostatic Stent
High-Tech \'Smart\' Face Mask Helps Hong Kong Families Combat Swine Flu
Statins May Be Linked To Muscle Damage
Death Penalty And Mental Illness: Families Of Victims Speak Out At National Convention; "Double Tragedies" Report Released
What Is Anal Cancer? What Causes Anal Cancer?
Secretary Sebelius Announces Availability Of $40 Million In Grants To Help Insure More Children
\'Consumer-Directed\' Plans Rise In Popularity As Businesses Scramble To Cut Health Costs
Physician Shortage Could Hinder Health Reform
Top Six Summer Dangers: ER Doctor Offers Tips For Keeping Kids Safe
For America\'s Aged, Surgery At Any Price?
Today\'s Selection Of Opinions And Editorials
Montana Abortion-Rights Opponents Renew Attempts At \'Personhood\' Ballot Initiative
St Helier Hospital Opts For Symbia T6
New Figures Reveal Ethnic Minorities Are Not Aware Of Their Cancer Risk
Public Equipped To Fight Back Against Hospital Bugs As Ward Closure Numbers Soar, UK
Prostate Cancer \'Homing Device\' For Drug Delivery Created By Purdue Researchers
Study Examines Association Of Movie Smoking Exposure And Team Sport Participation With Youths Becoming Established Smokers
Amino Acid May Help Treat Patients With Hair-Pulling Condition
Internet-Based Intervention May Improve Insomnia
Kineta Acquires Novel Drug Candidates From Airmid For Potential Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes And Other Autoimmune Diseases
Mock CPR Drills In Kids Show Many Residents Fail In Key Skills, Hopkins Study Reveals
New Online Re Launches For Patients With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Higher Prevalence Of Early Menarche Among Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Meeting Set By FDA
CardioFocus Receives CE Mark For Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Catheter
2009: Immunotec Announces Important Clinical Research Initiative: New Study To Be Launched With The Goal Of Improving The Quality Of The Aging Process
Policymakers, Experts, Public Agree: Physical Activity Plan Needed
New Culprit Behind Obesity\'s Ill Metabolic Consequences
NIH Announces Final Guidelines For Federally Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Insurers Open Storefronts, Raise Rates To Adjust To New Reality
Insight Into Early Schizophrenia May Aid Understanding Of Disease Development, Diagnosis And Treatment
Noted Food Safety Expert Michael R. Taylor Named Advisor To FDA Commissioner
Survey Reveals Public\'s Concerns About Prescription Medication Overdose Risks Following Death Of Michael Jackson
Practice Nurses Pivotal To Easing Primary Care Pressure, Australia
Atrium Medical Receives CE Mark For Its CinatraTM CoCr Coronary Stent System
Op-Eds: Pharma In Africa; U.S. Global TB Funding; ITN Distribution Strategies Examined
The Next Generation Of Remote Control Flyers May Be Robo-Bats With Metal Muscles
Study Reveals Bone Coupling Factor Key To Skeletal Health
Endometriosis And Chinese Herbs
Case For Preventive Prostate Cancer Treatment Bolstered By Stanford Study
One Step Closer To An Artificial Nerve Cell
Allos Therapeutics Completes Enrollment In Randomized Phase 2b Trial Of Pralatrexate In Patients With Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
First 16-Patient, Multicenter \'Domino Donor\' Kidney Transplant Lead By Johns Hopkins
Invention Of Remote-Controlled Closed System For Inserting Radio-Active Atoms Inside Fullerenes
Unique Cardiovascular Treatment Readied For Global Market: Proprietary Paccocath(R) Technology Is The Only Drug Eluting Balloon With Clinical Data
Nurse Leaders Selected For Prestigious National Fellowship To Improve Health Care
Newer, Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure For Treatment Of Sciatica Does Not Result In Better Outcomes
AARP Presses Lawmakers To Support Long Term Care
What Is Heart Failure? What Causes Heart Failure?
ChemoCentryx To Present At The 9th World Congress On Inflammation In Tokyo, Japan
Many Companies Preparing On Global Scale For A(H1N1) \'Swine Flu\' Pandemic, According To Global Survey By Councils Of The Conference Board
American Optometric Association Supports New Federal Health Report Findings: Vision Screening Methods For Seniors Are Lacking
Cerebral Palsy Improves After Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure
AlphaRx Reports Positive Preclinical Data On GAI-122 Against Liver Disease
Parent\'s Guide To Cord Blood Foundation Introduces New Brochure During Cord Blood Awareness Month To Address Critical Education Gap
Language Skills In Your Twenties May Predict Risk Of Dementia Decades Later
Clean Fuels Could Reduce Deaths From Ship Smokestacks By 40,000 Annually
Fresh Vision Makes Mental Health The Priority For All Public Services
Statement From The Minister Of Natural Res And The Minister Of Health On Extended NRU Shutdown, Canada
ACOG Issues New Guidelines On Fetal Monitoring To Resolve Inconsistencies In Interpretation
Health Reform Legislation Will Impact Preventive And Wellness Programs
Providers And Medicare Battle: Who Owns Home Oxygen Equipment?
Statement By HANYS\' President Daniel Sisto On The White House Health Reform Agreement With Hospitals
Climate Change, Hunger, Economy G8 Summit Top Priorities; France\'s First Lady Calls On G8 To Expand On Global Health \'Achievements\'
Swine Flu In Somerset - Briefing Note, UK
ASC X12 Releases Implementation Guide: "Personal Health Record Transfer Between Health Plans"
New Study Evaluates Role Of Clinic Environment On Physician Job Satisfaction
BioMз©rieux Announces AOAC-RI Certification Of Its New VIDAS(R) UP E. Coli O157 (Including H7 Strain) Detection Kit
Research On Cocaine-related Renal Disease To Benefit From NIH Stimulus Funding
Targacept Announces Decision By AstraZeneca To Advance AZD3480 Program In ADHD
Scientists Report Stem Cells\' \'Suspended\' State Preserved By Key Step
No Psychological Risk In Children Next-Born After Stillbirth
What Is a Ganglion? What Is a Ganglion Cyst?
New Help To Tackle Children\'s Communication Problems
Social Entrepreneurship At University Of Queensland Business School
Take The Swine Flu Threat Seriously - British Hajj/Umrah Pilgrims Are Warned
Dry Mouth Linked To Prescription And Over The Counter Drugs
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results From Dose-Ranging Clinical Study Of Pramlintide/Metreleptin Combination Treatment For Obesity
Life Spine(R) Announces FDA Clearance Of FS3(TM) Minimally Invasive Spinal System
Basic Facts And Statistics About Lupus
Kaiser Permanente Project Proves Electronic Health Information And Care Coordination Improve Chronic Disease Management
MS Society-funded Study Unlocks Part Of The Mystery Of Remyelination In MS
Legislation Includes Provisions For Healthy Lifestyle Infrastructure
Nursing Shortage Leads To More Students, New Training Programs
President Obama To Visit Ghana Friday
Prominent Bioinformatics Expert To Join Harvard School Of Public Health Faculty And Become Chair Of Dana-Farber Department Of Biostatistics
Opinion: Humanitarian Messaging; Maternal Health
Factors That Increase Death In Stroke Patients Ages 15 To 49: Finnish Study
North Carolina State University And The University Of Strasbourg Agree To Collaborate On A Training Program
Addictive \'Spice Gold\' Causes Withdrawal Syndrome
Sciele Pharma Announces Availability Of Ulesfia (Benzyl Alcohol Lotion 5%), First Prescription Non-Neurotoxic Head Lice Treatment
New Tool Helps Researchers Identify DNA Patterns Of Cancer, Genetic Disorders
Potential Fix For Damaged Knees Identified By Study
One Secret To How TB Sticks With You
Impact Of Childbearing On Women\'s Body Image Investigated
Nursing Researcher Works To Reverse Tide Of Childhood Obesity
A Combination Of Micronutrients Is Beneficial In Reducing The Incidence Of Prostate Cancer And Increasing Survival In The Lady Transgenic Model
FDA Approves Hologic\'s Less Invasive Permanent Contraception System
L.A. Times, NYT Opinion Pieces Discuss International Women\'s Health Issues
Could Your Mouth, Not The Food You Put Into It Be The Secret To The Size Of Your Waistline?
Suicide Rates Lowest On Record, England
The Union To Offer 8 MDR-TB Courses This Year
Does Size Matter? Study Shows Taller People Earn More Money, Australia

Medical Devices

Medtronic Microdebrider Turbinoplasty Is A Significantly More Effective, Long-Term Treatment Than Coblation® Radiofrequency For Nasal Obstruction
Junior Doctors Across The NHS On Course To Meet New Working Time Target, UK
Minimal Important Differences In Melanoma-Related Quality Of Life
Michigan Lawmakers Introduce Bills Package To Expand Access To Health Care To State\'s Uninsured
Bronx Campaign Boosts HIV Testing; Fauci Issues Statement Regarding National Testing Day
AdvanDx Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For GBS PNA FISH(R) For Rapid Detection Of Group B Strep From Lim Broths
European Medicines Agency Recommends First Marketing Authorisation For Cell-Based Medicine That Repairs Femoral Condyle Cartilage Defects
Is P90RSK A New Therapeutic Target For Liver Fibrosis?
Denver Post Examines Efforts To Establish Needle-Exchange Programs In Colorado
Partner Issues Significantly Influence Women\'s Sexual Activity In Later Years, UCSF Study Shows
Cimzia(R), The Only PEGylated Anti-TNF, Recommended For Approval In The EU For Rheumatoid Arthritis
Novel Handheld Device Detects Anthrax With Outstanding Accuracy And Reliability
Good Males Are Bad Fathers
Yerkes Researchers Identify Parallel Mechanism Monkeys And Humans Use To Recognize Faces
Stem Cell Surprise For Tissue Regeneration
New Snapshots Show States Vary Widely In Providing Quality Health Care, USA
NMC Statement Re Gosport War Memorial Hospital
Eight Miami-Area Residents Charged In $22 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Involving Home Health Care Agencies
New Health Snapshots Show States Vary Widely In Providing Quality Health Care
Total Confirmed Human Swine Flu Cases Jumps To 4,250 In The UK
Pope, Obama To Hold Meeting After G-8 Summit
California Rulings: State Can Cut Medi-Cal Benefits But Not Home Care Wages
VOA News Examines Malaria In Southern Sudan
Columnists Discuss HIV Statistics, National Testing Day
Proportion Of Fatal Crashes Increases
New Study Shows Similar Benefits, No Additional Risks For Seniors Who Have Gastric Bypass
American Public Health Association Applauds House Passage Of Climate Change Bill
Plan To Reduce Red Tape Will Benefit Patients, Australia
First International Conference On Cancer Of Unknown Primary To Be Held London October 15
DOD, VA, Congress Should Take Stronger Steps Toward Eliminating Tobacco Use In Military Populations, VA Medical Centers
Microproteinuria: Indicator To Monitor CNI-Related Nephrotoxicity In Liver Transplant Recipients?
Changing Paradigms In Hereditary Angioedema: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis And Treatment
AlphaRx And Gaia BioPharma Report Positive Efficacy Results In A Pre-Clinical Trial Of GAI-122 Injectable Nano-emulsion For Post-operative Delirium
Four Out Of 106 Heart Replacement Valves From Pig Hearts Failed
Medicare Part D Healthy For Enrollees
Triathletes\' Sperm Being Damaged By High Levels Of Cycling Training
Embryo Movement Stimulates Joint Formation
Newsweek, Boston Globe Examine Ways To Combat Mosquito-Borne Illness
HIV Testing Can Save Thousands Of Lives, CDC Official Says
European Society Of Cardiology Congress 2009: 29 August To 2 September, 2009
Eat Right, Stay Bright This Winter
News From The American Chemical Society, June 24, 2009
RCP\'s Response To Lord Darzi\'s Report, High Quality Care For All, Our Journey So Far.
Science Magazine Spotlights 20 Years Of CF Research
An Official End To WorkChoices - ANF Celebrates
Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology Conference, Stockholm, Stockholm, October 26-28, 2009
Chalenges Faced By HIV Patients Living Longer Lives Due To New Therapies
BMA Scotland Chairman Urges MSPs Not To Play Politics With Public Health
XCounter Announces Positive Results Following Independent Clinical Evaluation Of XC Mammo -3T Prototype
Researchers Say Stress In The Womb Can Last A Lifetime
Doctors Concerned That NHS Will Fail To Achieve New Hours Limit, Scotland
70% Of Brits Do Not Practice \'Safe Sun\'
Sutent Significantly Improved Progression-Free Survival For Patients With Advanced Pancreatic Islet Cell Tumours
New Data Supports Significant Economic And Clinical Value Of MENOPUR(R) In IVF
First Human Receives Cardiac Stem Cells In Clinical Trial To Heal Damage Caused By Heart Attacks
New Measures To Promote Quality In Darzi\'s One Year On Progress Report, UK
Laughter - The Best Medicine? Spain Hosts The Most Renowned International Symposium On Sense Of Humor And Its Applications
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Targets Hospitals Needing Cord Blood Storage
SCOTUS Ruling Reversing Decision From Sotomayor\'s Court Not Expected To Affect Nomination
CytRx Reports Favorable Progress Update For Its Pivotal Phase 2 Trial With Tamibarotene As A Third-Line Treatment For Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
UK Dementia Research Funding Must Triple, Say Experts
Group Wants Legislators\' Pledge To Read Entire Health Care Bill
Five Communities Selected For Alabama Physical Activity And Nutrition Grant
Karen Burgin, CNM, MA, Named To American College Of Nurse-Midwives Fellowship
RCN Responds To Publication Of Lord Darzi\'s Progress Report
Marco Pierre White Supports Global Call To Action To Reduce Dietary Salt Intake And Improve Heart Health On World Hypertension Day
AVMA Applauds U.S. House Of Representatives For Introducing Veterinary Public Health Legislation
BVA Asks Defra To Abandon Separation Of Animal Health From Animal Welfare
Top Hospitals For Women\'s Health/Maternity Care Have Lower Mortality/Morbidity: HealthGrades Study
Forest Biotechnology Obstructed By Anti-Biotech Groups
Innovative Technology Shatters The Barriers Of Modern Light Microscopy
Examining The Risk Of Tuberculosis From Arthritis Medication
MPs Debate \'Blatant Discrimination\' Of Oyxgen Users, UK
BMA Reaffirms Opposition To Assisted Suicide, UK
Newborn ICUs Seeing More Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infections
Chromosomal Problems Affect Nearly All Human Embryos; Discovery May Explain Low Fertility Rates In Humans
Microbial Analysis, Micropatterning Methods Featured In Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
Gefitinib Receives European Licence For The Treatment Of Lung Cancer For Patients With EGFR Activating Mutation Positive Tumours
UCB\'s CIMZIA(R) (certolizumab Pegol) Approved By The U.S. FDA For Adult Patients Suffering From Moderate To Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
Roche To Offer Developing Countries Discounted Tamiflu
NARAL Endorses Sen. Gillibrand\'s 2010 Bid For Full Senate Term
New York Times Editorial Lauds Appointment Of White House Adviser On Violence Against Women
New Poll Suggests Slim Majority Favors Obama Plan
Texas Medical Association Agrees: Texas Children Need Access To Health Care
The United Nations To Launch "Texting4Health" In Uganda
Closer Working Between GPs And Community Pharmacists Would Save Lives And Improve NHS Cost Effectiveness And Care Quality
When Husbands Work In US, Mexican Wives\' Mental Health Dives
Immune System Link To Schizophrenia Identified By UCLA Collaboration
Nearly Half Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers Feel Early Treatment Would Have Given Them More Independence
Updated Position Paper On Vegetarian Diets Released By The American Dietetic Association
Clear Difference In Quality, Type Of Lung Cancer Info Available In US And Japan
Impact Of Medicare Part D On Medical Spending Addressed By NEJM Study
Triggering Muscle Development -- A Therapeutic Cure For Muscle Wastage?
Cutting Calories May Be Key To Evolutionary Fitness
Brain Malformations Significantly Associated With Preterm Birth
Lancet Examines Obama Administration\'s Progress On HIV/AIDS-Related Campaign Pledges
Wellcome Trust To Give $50M To Boost Health Research In Africa
Physical Therapists Say Appropriate Exercises Can Help Keep Weekend Warriors On The Ice
National Alliance On Mental Illness Observes Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
Number Of Abortion Procedures Continues To Decline In Minnesota And Wisconsin
Clinical Psychologists Welcome Lord Layard\'s Call For More Child Therapists
Work Status Changes More Common Among Women Receiving Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer, Study Says
National Pharmacy Association Project To Improve NHS Commissioning, UK
Automated Tissue Engineering On Demand

Mental Health

Survivors Of Childhood Central Nervous System Cancer Face Persistent Risks As Adults
International Workshop: Infant Formula Adulteration With Melamine Underscores Need For Better Detection Methods
NIH Res Grant Extended For The National Re For Aplysia
What Is Mental Health? What Is Mental Disorder?
Promising Biomarker And Candidate Tumor Suppressor Gene Identified For Colorectal Cancer
NICE Approves Use Of Lenalidomide In Patients With Multiple Myeloma Who Have Received Two Or More Previous Therapies
Mate Selection: How Does She Know He\'ll Take Care Of The Kids
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Appear To Impact AMD Progression
Osmetech Submits Swine Flu Test To The FDA
Pharmacists Have Solutions To Help Address Recommendations In The Leaders\' Project Health Care Reform Report
Study Finds Association Between Sudden Death And Stimulant Medications Among Children And Adolescents
Long-Suffering Rohingya In Bangladesh Face Unacceptable Abuse
Canada And China Renew Plan Of Action For Cooperation In Health For 2009-2011
American Nurses Association Now On Facebook, Linkedin
American Cancer Society To Recognize Corporate Employers Changing The Course Of The Cancer Fight
A Selection Of Recent Studies And Surveys
Proposed California Budget Cuts To State HIV/AIDS Programs Will \'Cost Lives\', Opinion Piece Says
PEPFAR Funds Used To Encourage Swaziland Couples To Get Tested Together
Purdue-developed Tool Can Get Most Pollution Control For The Money
NYT/CBS News Poll Examines Public Opinion On Sotomayor, Shows Support For Abortion Rights
A New Regulator For Pharmacy, UK
Emergency Prescribing - A Change For Dentists
Welsh Assembly Government Written Statement - National Social Services Conference 2009, Wales
Actual Imaging Use Far Below President\'s Recommend 95 Percent Utilization Rate For Medicare
Sudden Collapse In Ancient Biodiversity: Was Global Warming The Culprit?
Scientists Capture The First Image Of Memories Being Made
BIO Commends Senate Committee On Small Business And Entrepreneurship\'s SBIR Reauthorization
Folic Acid May Improve Asthma, Allergies
Mate Selection: How Does She Know He\'ll Take Care Of The Kids?
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Appear To Impact AMD Progression
Study Highlights Massive Imbalances In Global Fertilizer Use
Human Eye Inspires Advance In Computer Vision From Boston College Researchers
Cephalon Provides Clinical Update On Lestaurtinib In Relapsed Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Oncology Conference
Scientists Out A Gene For Gout
Bone Cancer Research Trust Calls For New Treatments For Bone Cancer
Virtual Reality Simulators Improve Surgical Skills
Turkish Ministry Of Health Purchases Two CyberKnife(R) Systems - Expands Patient Access To The Benefits Of Whole Body Radiosurgery
Physician Leaders Seek Help From Congress To Improve Health Care For Border Patients
MPS Warns Junior Trainee Doctors To Tighten Good Practice When Administering Botox
Shortage Of Family Physicians Troubles States, ERs
Bartering For Health Care Increases Amid Economic Woes
Howard County Pharmacy Owner Indicted For Health Care Fraud
MDA Cancels Remainder Of Nationwide Summer Camp Program To Protect Children From Swine Flu
Reproductive Health Bill Could Reduce Maternal Mortality In Philippines
Oculus Innovative Sciences Announces Preliminary Results From 40-Patient Feasibility Study For Treatment Of Acne With The Microcyn(R) Technology
Test For Strep Bacteria In Pregnant Women Misses More Cases Than Expected, Study Shows
Covidien Features New Devices For Minimally Invasive Surgery And Soft Tissue Repair At ASMBS 2009
Researchers Uncover Approach For Possibly Eradicating HIV Infection
Experts Disagree On Whether Healthy People Should Take Brain Boosting Drugs
New Homeopathic Spray Offers Fast, Short-Term Relief From Nicotine Cravings
FDA Extends Review Period For Eurand\'s ZENPEPTM Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy
World MRSA Day Momentum Builds In The US And The UK
Skin And Skin Structure Infections Are The Second Most Common Diagnoses For Which An Antibiotic Is Used In The Hospital Setting
Research Considers Lean Mass Better For Developing Bones
Fingolimod And Cladribine: Two New Oral Substances Show Promising Results In Current Clinical Trials For MS Therapy
Faculty Of 1000 Praised By Wellcome Trust
Hospitals Receive AHA Award For Improving Community Health Through Effective Collaborative Projects
A Selection Of Editorials And Opinions
RCN Launches New Sexual Health Skills Framework
FDA Warns Consumers Not To Eat California Prime Produce And Orange County Orchards Brands Of Pistachios
Terry O\'Neill Elected New "National Organization for Women" President
Gpx5: Sperm Shouldn\'t Leave The Testes Without This Protein
MMR Information Systems Pursues International Patent Applications On Anti-CD20 Antibodies
Acsys Interactive: Empowering Patients And Clinicians To Co-Produce Quality Care
Caucasians Are At Higher Risk Of Developing Ewing\'s Sarcoma Than Other Races
Focus On Rapid Medical Response To Improve The Quality Of Healthcare And Drive The Ambulance Services Market In Europe, According To Frost & Sullivan
Total Knee Replacement Appears Cost-Effective In Older Adults
New Electron Microscopy Images Reveal The Assembly Of HIV
Psychotherapy Of Depression Changes Biological Parameters?
JHPIEGO\'s Dr. Harshad Sanghvi Receives International Health Award - Global Health Council Present Award For Best Practices In Global Health On May 28
Medical Study Establishes First-Ever Long-Term Benefits For Macular Degeneration Sufferers Using Macular Health Vitamin Supplement
Biovista Inc. Announces Positive Efficacy Results In A Pre-Clinical Trial Of Its BVA-601 Repositioned Drug For Epilepsy
New EPI Healthcare Study By June O\'Neill Shows Uninsured \'Crisis\' Wildly Overestimated
America\'s Silent Crisis: Addiction -- Downturn Fuels Rising Drug And Alcohol Abuse, Phoenix House Study Reveals
HIV Antibody Tests Unreliable For Early Infections In Teens
Maryland Reports First H1N1 Flu-Related Death, USA
House Dems To Open Hearings Amid Controversy Over Finances, Public Plan
Media Looks At County-Level HIV, AIDS Map Data
Houston Task Force To Target Hispanic Residents For HIV Testing
New York Times Column Examines Experiences Of Nurse-Midwife
Blogs Comment On Senate Resolution On Antiabortion Violence, Role Of Midwives In Health Reform, Other Topics
Ambulance Of Tomorrow Unveiled
Nurses To Speak Out At County Budget Hearing Wednesday
Swine Flu And Medicines Australia - 24 June 2009
Antibiotic Prescribing Should Be Standardized Across Europe To Help Tackle Resistance
New Glaucoma Treatment To Be Piloted, Wales
Molecular Typesetting -- Proofreading Without A Proofreader
Mouse Model Of Parkinson\'s Reproduces Nonmotor Symptoms
A Canada-Wide Technology Platform For Mapping The Human Interactome
What Is Narcolepsy? What Causes Narcolepsy?
Qercetin Increases Endurance Without Regular Exercise Training
Advaxis Engages The Numoda Corporation To Oversee Phase II Clinical Trials Of ADXS11-001
St. Jude Medical Applauds MADIT-CRT Trial
Resolvyx Initiates Phase I Clinical Trial Of Novel Resolvin, RX-10001, For Asthma And Inflammatory Diseases
Spectranetics Receives CE Mark Approval For ThromCat(R)XT
Does Synthetic Biology Need Synthesized Ethics?
Almost Half UK Hospitals Not Equipped To Deal With Critical Out Of Hours Care
Opinion Piece Examines Abortion-Rights Opponents\' Response To Connection Between Recession, Abortion
Senate GOP Escalates Criticism Of Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor In Speeches
Employee Involvement Programs Key To Workplace Diversity
Time To Consider Expanding Prescribing Rights
Human Term Placenta A New Abundant Of Hematopoietic Cells
Study Finds People Residing In Poor Communities Not Benefiting From Recent Drop In Colorectal Cancer
Older Kidney Transplant Patients Should More Often Consider Live Donors
Thousands Of Older People Dying Prematurely From Cancer, Say Researchers
DrugScope: NTA Naloxone Pilot Scheme Can Help Reduce Drug-related Deaths, UK
Awards To Highlight Military Health Heroes, Wales
Scientists Working On 3-Minute Prostate Cancer Test
Insmed Announces Results Of IPLEX(TM) Phase II Trial In Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
Sanofi Pasteur Responds To Nation\'s Need For Hib Vaccine With Increased Supply
STAT3 Protein Found To Play A Key Role In Cancer
What Should A Teenage Girl Do If She Finds A Lump In Her Breast?
Medtronic Announces Two Worldwide Clinical Trials To Study Medical Device Interventions For Stroke


Also In Global Health: Text Messages For Health; Chagas Disease; Infant, Maternal Mortality In Botswana; Community Health Progs In Africa; Swaziland
CBO Director May Help Determine Fate Of Health Care
Putting A Price Tag On Reform Spreads Unease
Warmer Weather Brings Health Concerns, Iowa
Cancer May Be Stopped In Its Tracks By MicroRNA Replacement Therapy
Why Smoking Increases The Risk Of Heart Disease And Strokes
The First French Software Program Enabling \'Action Through Thought\' - OpenViBE
Link Between Symptoms Of Depression In Obese Children And Elevated Cortisol
Fatness In Blacks Overestimated By Widely Used Body Fat Measurements
Risk Of Discrimination For Individuals With Family History Of Genetic Disease
New Health Secretary Sets Out Vision For A People Centred NHS, UK
Infection Prevention Text Updated, Improved - The APIC Text Of Infection Control And Epidemiology
Metatastic Breast Cancer - New Dosing Schedule Suggests Potential Amplified Clinical Activity Of Novel KSP Inhibitor
APHA Commends Senate Passage Of Tobacco Legislation, USA
Chance Of Fetal Complications Following Accidents Not Increased By Automobile Restraints
Ambulance Diversion Studied
Rogers Media Partners With AstraZeneca Canada And Physical And Health Education Canada To Promote New Children\'s Wellness Program At My BestTM
Frontal Cerebral Hypothermia Found To Be Possible New Treatment For Insomnia
Women With Stable Marriages And New Partners Enjoy Better Sleep
Treatment Lightens Teenage Depression\'s Heavy Toll, Lowers Suicide Risk, Says Packard/Stanford Child Psychiatrist
Ginseng -- Nature\'s Anti-Inflammatory?
Ardea Biosciences Announces Positive Interim Phase 2a Results For Lead Gout Drug, RDEA594
Individuals Who Apply Pesticides Are Found To Have Double The Risk Of Blood Disorder
New Treatment Option At The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center Provides Hope For Inoperable Tumors
Nearly 9 In 10 Seniors Satisfied With Medigap
Estrogens Do Not Protect Against Cardiovascular Death For Transsexuals
Doctors And Software Engineers Pioneer An Advanced Sepsis Detection And Management System
Experts On Modeling Infectious Disease Spread
Hormone May Help Combat Frailty In Older Women
UK Tops The List Of 213 Countries At Extreme Risk To The Spread Of Swine Flu
Alzheimer\'s Society Response To The Publication Of Revised NICE Guidance On Alzheimer\'s treatments
UK Authorities Confirm 101 Cases Swine Flu Human Infection
Dems Prepare For Health Reform Cost Analysis While Courting GOP Votes
Obama Uses Popularity To Make Case For Health Reform In Wisconsin
Genzyme Receives European Approval Of Renvela For Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
Lawmakers Want Federal Rules To Cover Home Health Care Workers And End-Of-Life Care
PCMA Statement On The Administration\'s Comments Regarding Financing Health Care Reform
Global Post Articles Examine Malaria Worldwide
Recent Releases: HIV Prevention; Clinical Trials Debate; Definition Of Global Health; Drug Resistant TB
Future Studies Needed To Determine If \'Test And Treat\' Approach Could \'End HIV Pandemic Within 50 Years,\' Researchers Say
L.A. County, Calif., Offers Home Delivery Of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Test Kits
Sodium Channel Blocker Shows Promise As A Potential Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis
ANA Supports The Independence At Home Act
Advance In Understanding Cellulose Synthesis
Aussie And Kiwi Researchers Make Double MS Genetic Discovery
Young Adults Not Drinking Enough Milk
Positive Long-Term Data For BENLYSTA (formerly LYMPHOSTAT-B(R)) In Patients With Active Lupus
UCB And PatientsLikeMe Partner To Give People With Epilepsy A Voice In Advancing Research
Making Waves: LSU\'s WAVCIS Increases Modeling Capabilities
Robotic Ferret Will Detect Hidden Drugs And Weapons
Personnel Concepts Readies A Workplace Preparedness Kit As WHO Proclaims H1N1 Flu Pandemic
Theratechnologies Presents Results From A Pharmacokinetic/Phamacodynamic Evaluation Of Tesamorelin At The Endocrine Society\'s Annual Meeting
What Are Gallstones? What Causes Gallstones?
Early Combination Of Enbrel(R) (etanercept) And Methotrexate Halts Radiographic Progression In 90% Of Patients During Second Year Of The COMET Study
U.S. House Of Representatives Sends Bill Granting The U.S. FDA Regulatory Control Over Tobacco Products To President Obama For Signature
Sinovac Completes Construction Of H1N1 Virus Seed Bank
Proteolix, Inc. Drug Candidate, PR-957, Prevents Disease Progression In Rheumatoid Arthritis Models By Selective Inhibition Of The Immunoproteasome
QLT Announces 12-month Results From Novartis Sponsored MONT BLANC Study Evaluating Standard-fluence Visudyne(R) Combination Therapy
Tumor Metabolism Discovery Opens New Detection And Treatment Options For Rare Form Of Colon Cancer
Tackling Dental Access Problem About More Than Numbers, Says BDA
FDA Warns Web Sites Against Marketing Fraudulent H1N1 Flu Virus Claims
Administration Could Find Compromise In Co-Op Plan
Access Issues Persist For Indians, Rural Americans, Immigrants
Statements By Secretary Of Health And Human Services And Commissioner Of Food And Drugs, Regarding Passage Of The Family Smoking Prevention
Summer Interns Arrive At Herman B Wells Center For Pediatric Research
In Chronic Viral Infection Immune Exhaustion Driven By Antigen
Defeating Nicotine\'s Double Role In Lung Cancer
Israeli Startup CLT Partners With Dutch Erasmus Medical Centre To Develop A Cure For Atrial Fibrillation
Pluristem Therapeutics Receives European Regulatory Approval For Placental-Derived Stem Cell Clinical Trial
Stress Puts Double Whammy On Reproductive System, Fertility
New Method Separates Cancer Cells From Normal Cells
ExonHit Announces Last Patient Out For EHT 0202 Phase IIa Study In Alzheimer\'s
Sleep Apnea Occurring During REM Sleep Is Significantly Associated With Type 2 Diabetes
UPMC Cardiovascular Institute Recruiting For Severe Coronary Heart Disease Study
Conference Invite: Unique Conference Specifically For Family Members Of OCD Sufferers, UK
Nearly One Half Of All Deaths On The Road Are Pedestrians, Cyclists And Motorcyclists, New WHO Study Reveals
Gene Evolution Process Discovered
Mean New MicroRNA Data Analysis Method Gives Sharper Results
Bacteria Are First Sensed By Cells Lining Blood Vessels, Not Immune Cells
Cambridge Consultants To Showcase Inhaler Design And Development Process At RDD 2009, Europe
The Downside Of Microtubule Stability - Study Shows Stalled Microtubules Might Be Responsible For Some Cases Of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Mapping Gene Expression With Gene Expression Atlas
UCSF And Abbott Launch Viral Discovery Center At Mission Bay
MUHC Researcher Awarded $500,000 To Study Pathogenesis Of Infectious Disease
Temple Podiatry Receives NIH Grant To Develop Personalized, Visual Diabetes Education Program
New Center Of Excellence Targets Reducing Disparities In Cancer Care And Outcomes
Sepracor Pharmaceuticals Ltd Withdraws Its Marketing Authorisation Application For Lunivia (eszopiclone)
CRi Oosight(TM) Instrument Crucial In IVF Breakthrough Demonstrating A Correlation Between Non-Invasive Egg Metrics And Pregnancy
Sebelius: Single-Payer Health Care Not In Plans
Parents Ask Lawmakers To Keep Kids In Mind During Reform Debate
California Budget Committee Votes To Reduce Proposed Cuts To HIV/AIDS Programs
Delaware State Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Reducing Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission
U.N. Secretary-General, WHO Director-General Appeal For Continued Investment In Global Health
6 \'Major Health Agencies\' Form Alliance To Address Chronic Diseases In Developing Countries
UNICEF Highlights Child Survival On The Day Of The African Child
Hatwig Receives American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Award Of Excellence
General Opitcal Council Consults On 2010-2015 Strategy, UK
Agreements Secured For Pre-Pandemic Vaccine For The UK
Less Invasive CT-Scan Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Method Shows Good Accuracy
Therapy Helps Improve Outcomes For Patients With Severe Sepsis
Trans Fats Hinder Multiple Steps In Blood Flow Regulation Pathways
King Khalid University Hospital Links State-Of-The-Art Medical Imaging Applications With Aruba Networks\' 802.11n Solution From ASACO-IT
Opioid-Induced Hibernation Protects Against Stroke
Farmed Fish May Pose Risk For Mad Cow Disease
CuraGen Announces Expansion Of CR011-vcMMAE Phase II Trial In Advanced Breast Cancer
Bicycle Helmet Laws For Kids Effective But Not Yet The Norm
Protein In The Envelope Enclosing The Cell Nucleus A New Piece Of The Puzzle In Research On Cancer And Stem Cells?
Vaccinating Children May Be Effective At Helping Control Spread Of Influenza
Brain Detects Happiness More Quickly Than Sadness
Don\'t Forget Your Condoms At Swansea Pride, Says Terrence Higgins Trust Cymru
UN Secretary-General, World AIDS Campaign And UNAIDS Launch World AIDS Day Theme Of \'Universal Access And Human Rights\'
Continued International Investment, Decreased Discrimination Key To Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Says U.N. Secretary-General
Opinion: World Must Work Together To Stop Human Trafficking
New Treatments Should Be Introduced Gradually To Avoid Later Problems, Says Expert
Many Floors In U. S. Homes Have "Measurable" Levels Of Pesticides
AARP: Shaheen-Collins Bill Will Keep Americans Healthier And Out Of The Hospital
Study Supports Validity Of Test That Indicates Widespread Unconscious Bias
\'Life Force\' Linked To Body\'s Ability To Withstand Stress
Cytokinetics Announces The Initiation Of A First-Time-in-Humans, Phase I Clinical Trial Of CK-2017357


Delays To Seeing Docs Stretch On
Skills For Catheter Insertion Improved By Simulation Training
Congress Unlikely To Approve Obama\'s Request For Additional Flu Money, Majority Leader Says
Report Examines Zimbabwean Refugees In South Africa
African Health Advocates Meet In Kenya To Discuss Need For Governments To Improve Basic Healthcare Services
Michigan Lawmakers Approve Request For State Health Agency To Use Private Funds For HIV/AIDS Program
Digital Medicine: Health Care In The Internet Era
APIC Launches Online Infection Prevention Course
Many U.S. Children Have Inadequate Access To Pediatric Trauma Care
Additional Phase II Data Demonstrate Improvement In Reported Symptoms In Patients Who Still Experience GERD Symptoms Despite PPI Therapy
American College Of Radiology Uses McKesson Solution To Offer Acclaimed Learning Library Online
FDA Approves First Canine Cancer Therapy
Drugs That Fight 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Swine Flu To Be Screened By SRI International
WellQuest Launches Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program
Better Outcomes With Computer Aided Surgery - High Costs As An Obstacle To Broad Use
(DH) Contract Awarded To Develop Patient Reported Outcome Measures, UK
(DH) New Primary Care Approach Boosts Referrals To NHS Stop Smoking Services By 49%, Uk
Prestigious French Award For Heart Research Won By Olson
Embracing Your Primitive Nature Can Help In Fight Against Depression
New National Cancer Standards For Sarcoma Services Published, Wales
Eighth International Conference On Bipolar Disorder To Be Held In Pittsburgh, June 25 To 27
Advance Toward New Drugs That Turn Genes On And Off
Study Reveals "Unacceptable Delays" In Stroke Prevention Surgery
NEJM Study Points To New Era In Hepatitis C Treatment
Funding For Research On The H1N1 Flu Virus Announced By Government Of Canada
Revolutionary Dental Snapshot
Novel Cell Therapies To Treat Cancer
Real-Time Observation Of Queensland\'s Drinking Water
Preventable Maternal Deaths Should Be Recognized As Women\'s Rights Violations, Opinion Piece Says
Debate Over Taxing Health Benefits Picks Up
WHO Recommends Worldwide Use Of Rotavirus Vaccine For Children
Officials Concerned About Potential Disease Outbreaks Among Displaced Pakistanis; Obama Requests More U.S. Aid Money
Economist Articles Examine Use Of Mobile Phones For Global Health
Recent Releases: Human-Rights And Health; WHO\'s TB Report; Drug-Resistant TB
Surgery No Better Than Drugs For Heart Disease Survival In Diabetes Patients
Paramedic Struck Off For Making False Job Applications
Protecting The Value Of Long-Term Care Insurance
Hearing Loss More Prominent In Men, Says Miracle-Ear
Cobalis Corporation Is Awarded Two New International Patents In Canada And Mexico For Its Revolutionary Anti-Allergy Relief Product PreHistin(R)
NMC To Develop Practical Guidelines For Professionals On Whistle-blowing
RCN Welcomes The Appointment Of Andy Burnham As The New Secretary Of State For Health
Health Visitors Reject Call For MMR To Be Made Compulsory
AARP On Medicare Trustees Report: "Medicare\'s Accelerating Insolvency. Will Only Be Fixed By Comprehensive Reform In 2009."
Xenophon Attacks South Australian Aged Care Nurses
Study Shows Consistent Use Of Insulin Pump Therapy, Augmented With Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Results In Significant A1C Reductions
Food Provides Critical Lifeline And Stability For Pakistan Displaced
China Quarantines New Orleans Mayor And Wife Over Swine Flu
What Is Cystitis? What Causes Cystitis?
Study Finds Noninvasive Blood Test For Liver Fibrosis May Alleviate Need For Liver Biopsies For Some Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C
Experts Launch Think Tank For Mystery Disease
Creighton Medical Laboratories First To Offer New Cancer Test
Group Banned From Teaching Abstinence-Only Program In Sonoma County, Calif., Public Schools
Two Physicians Treat Most Residents With HIV In Southeastern Wyoming
Washington Independent Examines U.S. Food Aid
Taxing Health Benefits Could Be Used To Pay For Expanded Coverage, Drive Out Unnecessary Care, Some Say
Grassley Strikes Back At Obama, Other Strong Personalities Emerging In Health Debate
Obama Ramping Up Reform Efforts
Doctors And Hospitals Look For Ways To Cut Costs, Improve Quality
A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials
DrugScope Welcomes National Treatment Agency Announcment Of Increased Funding For Drug Treatment
In Patients With Diabetes And Stable Heart Disease, Medical Therapy Equal To Bypass, Angioplasty
CFIA And USDA Revise Potato Cyst Nematode Guidelines
Association of American Medical Colleges Lauds American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds For National Health Service Corps
News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation, June 8, 2009
AdvanDx Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For GBS PNA FISH(R) For Rapid Detection Of Group B Strep From Lim Broths
Maintaining Cognitive Function In Old Age
Total Sleep Time Not Increased By Regular Daily Exercise, Study Finds
Discovery Of Relationship Between Napping, Hyperactivity, Depression And Anxiety In Young Children
FDA Warns Consumers Not To Use Skin Products Made By Clarcon Due To Bacterial Contamination Risk
Looking For Excellence - NHS Alliance Launches Acorn Awards 2009
Americans Who Say They Are In Excellent Health Enjoy More "Special" Birthday Celebrations
Colorectal Cancer Increasing In Young Adults
General Medical Council Announces Launch Date For Doctors\' Licences, UK
Premier\'s Award For Victorian Cancer Treatment Doctor
Vaporized Viral Vector Shows Promise In Anti-Cancer Gene Therapy
Pitt Diabetes Researchers Identify Key Molecular Pathway Critical To Replication Of Insulin-Producing Cells
Plant-Based, Low-Carb Diet May Promote Weight Loss And Improve Cholesterol Levels
Enzyme Necessary For DNA Synthesis Can Also Erase DNA
Nicotine\'s Double Role In Lung Cancer
Academy Publishes New Volume Of Essays Examining The Use Of fMRI To Recognize Deceit
CSIRO Deal To Commercialize \'Artificial Gut\'
Dialing Up The Degrees To Fight Cancer
New Analysis Shows Efficacy Of SIMPONI(TM) (golimumab) In Anti-TNF Experienced Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Printing New Organs: Foundation Funds Medical Technology That Replicates Human Tissue
Arete Therapeutics Presents Positive Clinical And Preclinical Data For AR9281
Veterinarian Offers Advice On Evacuating With A Pet If Disaster Strikes
Embryology Study Offers Clues To Birth Defects
Mental Health America Honors Senators Edward M. Kennedy, Pete Domenici For Mental Health Leadership
"lab-On-A-Chip" Technology Advances Colorectal Cancer Screening
WHO, UNICEF Say Vitamin A, Deworming Interventions Safe, In Response To Alleged Deaths, Sickness In Bangladesh
Times Of Zambia/allAfrica.com Examines Maternal Mortality, Abortion
Minority Lawmakers Call For \'Aggressive Solutions\' To Health Disparities
What Is Constipation? What Causes Constipation?
Oregon House Passes Preemptive Health Reform Bills
Editorials And Opinions
Bullied Children \'Four Times More Likely To Develop Psychosis\'
New Health Secretary Has Opportunity For Change, Says British Dental Association
Genetic Variant Associated With Resistance To Chemotherapy Drug In Women With Breast Cancer
Medical Website Design Company Aurora Information Technology, Inc. Introduces The New Ovu-Trac(R) Website
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius Releases New Report On Health Disparities
Obama Names NYC Health Commissioner Frieden Next CDC Director
Risk For Sleep Apnea In Musicians May Be Reduced By Playing A High Resistance Wind Instrument
What Is Dehydration? What Causes Dehydration?
Oklahoma Antiabortion Lawmakers Try To Revive Vetoed Bill To Ban Stem Cell Research
Hormone Therapy May Confer More Aggressive Properties To Prostate Tumours
Microbial RNA Ocean Catch Surprises MIT
Presentation Of The National Consortium For Translational Cancer Research
Cosmetic Ear Surgery Has The Youngest Age Of Patients, Survey Finds
Exposure To Controversial Chemical May Be Greater Than Dose Considered Safe
Exposure To Bisphenol A In Pregnant Mice Permanently Changes DNA Of Offspring
\'Hijacking Mechanism\' Of HIV-1\' Pinpointed By McGill/JGH Researchers
Evaluating Language In Children With Autism
SVS 2009: Ziehm Imaging Sets A New Standard In Mobile Imaging With The Ziehm Vision RFD
The Personalities Making News Around Health Reform
Long Term Care Forms Part Of Health Plan
New Study Shows Coaching To Patient Activation Levels Improves Disease Management Outcomes
Medtronic Launches Clinical Trial To Improve Quality Of Care For Implantable Defibrillator Patients
NPR Program Features Discussions On Several Topics Related To Abortion Rights
Government Targets Interfere With The Battle Against Superbugs, Says British Medical Association
Breast MRI Shows It\'s Not The Size Of The Lymph Node That Signals Spread Of Cancer
Discovery May Revolutionize Therapy In Muscular Dystrophy And Other Skeletal Muscle Disorders
The Melanoma Research Alliance Awards Nearly Two Million Dollars In Research Grants That Address The Gap In Translational Science
PIH Founder Farmer Discussing Possible Appointment To Coordinate U.S. Global Health Initiatives, Boston Globe Reports
The Importance Of Sleep In Regulating Emotional Responses
New Jersey Senator Proposes Plan To Avert HIV/AIDS Drug Copayments
Cancer Therapeutics, Inc.\'s Partner NanoTherapies, Inc. Utilizes Revolutionary Solution For Disrupting And Treating Cancer
AVI BioPharma, Inc. To Present At 7th Annual Biodefense Vaccines & Therapeutics Conference In Washington, D.C.
American Physical Therapy Association Endorses The Ness L300™ Foot Drop System
Update Of Patient Experience PSA Scores, UK
Motor Neuron Differentiation Specified By 2 Signals -- From Within And Out Of Cell
Quick-Reference Handbook Provides \'Evidence-Based Endocrinology\' Recommendations
ENT And Allergy Initiates A \'First Of Its Kind\' Self-Insured Medical Malpractice Program
Biothera Launches Clinical Trial In KRAS-Mutated Colorectal Cancer Patients
In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Models, Novel DNA Vaccine Leads To Kidney Damage Prevention
Simulation Game Helps Students Learn Dental Implant Procedures
A Case Of Cecal Volvulus
A Breakthrough In Gastric Carcinogenesis
Researchers Confirm Link Between HPV And Head And Neck Cancer But Europe-wide Survey Shows Woeful Public Ignorance On Role Of Oral Sex
1/4 Of Patients On Highest Investigational Doses Of CP-690,550 Achieve ACR70 At Week 12
Arizona ADAP Cuts Number Of Medications Covered Under Program
G8 Off Track On Aid Commitments To Africa; France, Italy Responsible For 80% Of Shortfall, Report Says
National Survey Looks At HIV/AIDS In South Africa

Public Health

Celladon Provides MYDICAR(R) Program Update Of First-In-Human Trial For Advanced Heart Failure At American Society Of Gene Therapy Annual Meeting
Poniard Pharmaceuticals Announces Progression-Free Survival Data From Phase 2 Clinical Trial Of Picoplatin In Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
AMT Receives EMEA Orphan Drug Designation For Acute Intermittent Porphyria
Urgent Call For National Child Protection Commission In The UK
In A "David Against Goliath" Move, SKIN.NY(R), Takes On Boots For Misleading Public By Making False Claims About No.7 Protect & Perfect Products, UK
OurParents Launches First Independent, Unbiased Online Service To Match Families Of Aging Parents With Senior Care Providers
US Takes Stock Of H1N1 Situation
QIAGEN To Supply Molecular Screening Solutions To Increase Safety Of Blood Donations In Brazil
Editorials Respond To Selection Of Sotomayor As Supreme Court Nominee
Farmer Still Under Consideration For Obama Administration Position, Takes Harvard Medical School Appointment
About 75% Of People In Rwanda Who Have Experienced Discrimination Are HIV-Positive, Survey Finds
Report Finds Racial Disparities In Prescription Drug Access, Use, Regimen Adherence
Swine Flu Media Update 27 Issued At: 11am Tuesday 26 May 2009, Wales
Institute Of Psychoanalysis Lecture: Lord Alderdice On Fundamentalism, Terrorism And Radicalization
YouGov Survey Reveals Low Awareness Of Potentially Fatal Heart Condition That Affects Significant Number Of People In UK
HRA Pharma Granted European Marketing Authorization For EllaOne(R) - Next Generation Emergency Contraceptive
New Breast Implant Designed As Alternative To Silicone Gel
New England School Of Acupuncture Launches Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification Program
Salsa Or Tango Toward Health
Jet Lag -Trends And Coping Strategies
Policies On Organ Donation After Cardiac Death Vary Considerably Among Children\'s Hospitals
Silver Nanoparticles Show "immense Potential" In Prevention Of Blood Clots
Light-Treatment Device Developed To Improve Sleep Quality In The Elderly
One In Ten Advanced Colon Cancer Patients Worry About Prescription Drug Costs
Genomic Health Study Shows Breast Cancers In Men Display Very Similar Gene Signatures To Those In Women
Treating Gum Disease Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers
Key To Improving Prognosis In Acute Heart Failure - Better Treatment Selection And Improved Therapies
How Neuronal Activity Is Timed In The Brain\'s Memory-Making Circuits
During Pregnancy Obese Women Should Not Gain Weight, Study Suggests
Sexual Crimes: Narrow Window For Detection Of Knock-Out Drugs
Report Estimates Significant Impact Of Widespread Circumcision Effort In Botswana
Researchers Plan To Target Immune Cells Responsible For Eluding Antiretroviral Treatment
Hispanics In Massachusetts Less Likely To Visit Physicians, Survey Finds
APhA Publishes The Practitioner\'s Quick Reference To Nonprescription Drugs
Confirmed Link Between Chronic Infection And Immune-System Protein
"What Must EPS Pilot Prove?" Asks NPA
Cook Medical Sponsors Global Exchange Programme For Urologists
Sodexo\'s Training Strategy And Vocational Rehabilitation Program Recognized
Too Early To Say If Screening Cuts Colon Cancer Deaths, Say Researchers
New Surgical Technique Shows Promising Results For Patients With Cervical Cancer
To What Extent Can Environmental Pollutants And Alcohol Affect GI Health?
Peter Lawrence\'s Story
Doctors Who Care For Very Sick May Benefit From Pay-For-Performance
Managing Acute Post-operative Pain In Hospital
Second Strokes Often Follow Within Hours Of A Mild Stroke
The March Of Washingtons Distributes $30,000 For Antimalarial Drugs In Uganda
GOP Sens. Say Sotomayor Filibuster Possible But Unlikely, Obama Defends Judge\'s Past Comments
ASGT 12th Annual Meeting: Incorporate Gene Therapy To Make Stem Cell Treatment Safer, More Effective
Exploiting Cancer Cell \'Addiction\' May Lead To New Therapies
Failure Of Corneal Transplant, Glaucoma Patient Compliance, Preventing LASIK Infections
Smoking Ban \'Has Potential For Positive Changes In Mental Health Units\'
Mobile Health Clinics: Saving Lives And Money
Informa Announces A New Award For Best Review Paper
Protein Linked To Mental Retardation Controls Synapse Maturation, Plasticity, CSHL Team Finds
UPMC South Hills Making Something Healthy Happen
Bausch & Lomb Receives FDA Approval Of Besivance™, New Topical Ophthalmic Anti-Infective For The Treatment Of Bacterial Conjunctivitis ("Pink Ey
Breast Cancer Risk Signalled By Wet Ear Wax And Unpleasant Body Odors
\'Death Receptors\' Designed To Kill Our Cells May Make Them Stronger
Instrumental Variable Analysis: Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease?
Model For New Generation Of Blood Vessels Challenged
Precursors To Corneal Transplant Failure; Patients Who Skip Glaucoma Treatment; Antibiotic-resistant Bugs And LASIK
IOPHARM Presents Positive Indibulin Translational And Dose Scheduling Data At ASCO
Drug\'s Epilepsy-Prevention Effect May Be Widely Applicable
An Examination Of California\'s Proposed Budget Cuts
Cougar Biotechnology Presents Positive CB7630 (Abiraterone Acetate) Phase II Data At ASCO Annual Meeting
Pfizer Discontinues SUN 1094 Trial Of Sunitinib Plus Paclitaxel In Advanced Breast Cancer
Argos Therapeutics Presents Positive Transplantation And Immunosuppression Data For Soluble CD83 At The American Transplant Congress
Pakistan Receives Grants To Fight TB, Infant, Maternal Mortality, Health Minister Says
Caring With Confidence Launched, England
Also In Global Health News: Polio Vaccines In Nigeria; Health Care In Indonesia; Circumcision To Prevent HIV/AIDS In Botswana
California Gov. Schwarzenegger\'s State Budget Plan Includes Cuts To County HIV/AIDS Services
Congress Returns To Work, Senators To Meet With Obama
Researchers Suggest That Oxidative Stress Is Strongly Evident In The In-Utero Environment Of The Fetus With Down Syndrome
AstraZeneca Studies Show Relief Of Nighttime Heartburn And Reduction In GERD-Related Sleep Disturbances
CuraGen Updates CR011-vcMMAE Data At ASCO
Swine Flu Media Bulletin Issued At: 11am Tuesday 12 May 2009, Wales
First Probable Case Of Swine Flu In Wales
Breast Cancer Drug Trastuzumab (Herceptin) Shows Unprecedented Survival In Aggressive Stomach Cancer
HHS Secretary Sebelius Picks Georgetown\'s Mann To Head Center For Medicaid And State Operations
Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor Would Be Sixth Catholic On Bench
NICE Recommends Use Of Cetuximab (Erbitux(R)) For UK Bowel Cancer Patients
Computer Program To Detect, Measure Brain Tumors
Elsevier\'s PharmaPendium Introduces The FDA Classic Collection
New Dentists Just Part Of The Solution To Problems, Says BDA
The Key Causes For Bowel Cancer Are Alcohol And Smoking
DDW 2009 Reveals Advances Being Made In The Treatment Of Hepatitis
Mind And WITNESS Respond To Ruling On Derek Gale Case
New Harmonised SmPCs For \'Cozaar\'(R) And \'Cozaar\'(R)-Comp Implemented In The U.K. Following European Commission Decision
Survey Finds Australian Men Risk Being Lonely And Isolated In Retirement
Bayer And Onyx Initiate Phase III Trial Of Nexavar(R) In Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
NUVIGIL Is Available For The Treatment Of Excessive Sleepiness Associated With Treated Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Shift Work Disorder And Narcolepsy
Bed Bugs\' Own Chemistry Used Against Them
Sunwin International Increases Availability Of Two Veterinary Medicines To Combat Swine Flu Virus In China
Diabetes UK Launches Its National Measure Up Roadshows
Brain Irradiation In Lung Cancer
Temperature Rises After Skull Surgery For Pfeiffer Syndrome
Identification Of Key Proteins Needed For Ovulation
Senate Begins Debate On FDA Regulation Of Tobacco
Video Games Are Helping Doctors View The Body - Using The Nintendo Wii To Interpret Radiology Exams
Low Medicare Reimbursement Rates Hurt Hospitals In Iowa And California
Medicare Revamps Competitive Bidding Program
Prospect Therapeutics, Inc.\'s GCS-100 Inhibited Blood Vessel Formation In A Variety Of Cancer Models
Ancora Pharmaceuticals Awarded National Institute Of Health Grant For Continued Malaria Vaccine Research
Survey Finds Overwhelming Public Support Of Laws To Help Protect Teens From Tanning Beds
Promising Antimicrobial Attacks Virus, Stimulates Immune System
New Diagnostic Method For Gout: Dual Energy Computed Tomography Instead Of Joint Aspiration
New Tests For The Investigation Of Patients With Painful Metal-on-metal Resurfacing Arthroplasties
SANE Australia Announces Book Of The Year Award
Recent Smoking-Cessation Research Highlights Importance Of Keeping Teens From Smoking
Seeing More With Rose-Coloured Glasses
Spanish Study Finds Bullies Have Harassed 14 Percent Of Workers Over Past 6 Months
Experimental Drug For Multi-Drug Resistant TB Shows Promise In Trial
Team Uncovers The Molecular Basis For The Regulation Of Blood Clotting
Role For Innate, Not Adaptive, Immunity Revealed By Autoinflammatory Disease Model
ACTEMRA(R) (tocilizumab) Studies To Be Featured At The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Congress

Sexual Health

Two-thirds Of Publicly-insured Adults Have One Or More Chronic Conditions
Comparison Is Key To Lower Costs, Better Outcomes From Medications
Younger Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Shorter Survival Times
News From The American Journal Of Pathology, June 2009
Editorial Calls Supreme Court\'s Pregnancy Leave Decision \'Not Just\'
Washington Times Opinion Piece, Editorial Discuss DOJ Nominee Johnsen
Wall Street Journal Examines Patients\' Confusion Over Coverage Of Preventive Exams
Green Tea Chemical Shows Potential As Low-Cost Intervention Against Sexual HIV Transmission, Study Says
Transatlantic Regulatory Integration Of Drug Approval Process Vital For The Global Pharmaceutical Industry, Notes Frost & Sullivan
Poor Birth Outcomes Increased By Lower Legal Drinking Age, Study Finds
Delivering Vaccine Through The Skin Could Be The Future For The Prevention Of Ear Infections
Women With Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy Have A Substantial And Persistently Elevated Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes Post-Birth
Funding For Medical Equipment
Autism Spectrum Therapies Offers New Summer Programs & Services For Children With Autism And Their Families In Southern California
Dr. Reddy\'s Receives Approval For Three INDs And Announces Reorganization Of Its Drug Discovery Operations
Planned Improvements Will Reduce Mixed Sex Accommodation Throughout Somerset\'s Community Hospitals, England
Health Trust Uses Complementary Treatments As Part Of Their "Improving Working Lives" Initiative
Emergency Physicians Don\'t Follow Established Clinical Guidelines For Diagnosing Patients With Possible Pulmonary Emboli
More Effective Cancer Treatment And The Migration Of Modern Man From Africa To Western Eurasia
Breast MRI Detects Additional "Unsuspected" Cancers Not Seen On Mammography Or Ultrasound
6,552 Confirmed Swine Flu Cases And 9 Deaths In The USA
Obama Has Larger Pool Of Female Judges To Select From For Supreme Court Nominee
Cole Foundation Injects $2.5 Million To Bolster Leukemia Research
Novel Herbal Therapy For Men At High Risk Of Prostate Cancer: Results Of Phase I Trial
Connecticut House Approves Two Health Insurance Pooling Bills
Modifiable Hip Fracture Complications Contribute To Mortality, Institute For Aging Research Finds
Study First To Evaluate Prevalence, Impact Of Off Label Chemotherapy In Breast Cancer
International Team Of Scientists Announces The Discovery Of A Remarkably Complete, 47-Million-Year-Old Primate Fossil
Being Overweight With Heart Risk In Mid Life Followed By Weight Loss Linked To More Illness And Higher Risk Of Death Later
Almirall Announces Filing Sativex(R) - For Treatment Of Spasticity In Multiple Sclerosis - Regulatory Submission
Deadly Skin Cancer Cases Hit Record High
Review: Long-term Use Of Lymphoma Drug Extends Lives
Lower Blood Glucose Levels Reduce Heart Disease Risk, Says New Research
Johns Hopkins Patient Safety Program Receives Healthcare Informatics Magazine\'s 2009 Innovator Award
HSE Warns Employers About The Safety Of Equipment After Worker\'s Hand Is Damaged By Rotating Blades, UK
Elderly Women With \'Dowager\'s Hump\' May Be At Higher Risk Of Earlier Death
Two Types Of Urgency - Overactive Bladder - Urgency Is Not Just Urgency
Diet To Reduce Mild Hyperoxaluria In Patients With Idiopathic Calcium Oxalate Stone Formation: A Pilot Study
Intraoperative Radioguidance With A Portable Gamma Camera: New Technique For Laparoscopic Sentinel Node Localisation In Urological Malignancies
New Strategies For Cell Therapy To Regenerate Damaged Heart
Gene Links Gum Disease And Heart Attack Risk
Viral Meningitis Warning For This Bank Holiday Weekend And Summer
The Lung Association Celebrates Quitters For World No Tobacco Day 2009
Alzheimer\'s Society Comment On New Data Observing The Cost Effectiveness Of Aricept (donepezil)
Country GP Uses Household Drill To Save BoyтЂ¦and Shows Why Helicopters Cannot Replace Local Doctors, Australia
Cambridge Consultants Advises Cambridge University\'s Tech Transfer Arm On IP Strategy
Government Responds To Archer Inquiry
Haemophilia Society React To Government Response To The Archer Report
Medimix International To Exhibit At American Society of Clinical Oncology AGM
Matrox, QUBYX And Datacolor Support 13-bit Calibration And Luminance Uniformity Correction For Medical Displays
Martinez: Medicare Fraud Fight Worthy Of Joint Agency Operation
California\'s AIDS Funding Cuts Would Be \'Catastrophic,\' Says AHF
ReachMD Launches CME iPhone APP
Senesco Announces H1N1 Influenza Survival Test Results In Mice
CEL-SCI Developing Immune-Based Treatment Against Swine And Other H1N1 Flu Viruses Using Proprietary L.E.A.P.S. Technology
Vaxart Begins Animal Testing Of H1N1 Flu Vaccine Candidate
State Assembly Approves Hayashi Legislation To Protect Consumers From Insurance Policy-Rescission
Medicare: A Critical Element Of Health Care Reform
Phase III Data Showed Novartis Investigational Bronchodilator QAB149 Significantly Improved Lung Function In COPD Patients
USC Researchers Uncover Mechanism That Allows Influenza Virus To Evade The BodyÐ’Ñ€s Immune Response
Results From A European Caregiver Survey Highlight The Impact Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) On The Child And The Family
The Economics Of Methadone Dispensing
UK Charity Tackles Health Risk For Children - Engaging Website Launches To Educate Children At A Crucial Age In Bone Development
Access To Dentistry Not Just About Numbers, Says British Dental Association
Synosia Therapeutics Begins Phase I Trial Of A New Generation Treatment For Cognitive Impairment In Alzheimer\'s Disease And Schizophrenia
First-Line Nab-Paclitaxel Is Superior To Docetaxel For Metastatic Breast Cancer
Academic Physicians Who Spend Time On Their Most Meaningful Work Pursuits Appear To Have A Lower Risk Of Burnout
Boost Your Mood At Least Half The Day With Physical Activity
Allergan Receives Complete Response Letter For BOTOX(R) (Botulinum Toxin Type A) For Treatment Of Upper Limb Spasticity In Adults
Study Links Recurrence Of Abnormal Cervical Cells To Age, Treatment Type
Biological Markers Identified That May Indicate Poor Breast Cancer Prognosis
Less-Toxic Drug Prolongs Survival In Metastatic Breast Cancer
\'Pro-choice Community\' Should Find New \'Way Of Talking About Reproductive Freedom,\' Opinion Piece Says
News From The Journal Of The National Cancer Institute, May 26, 2009
New Broad-Spectrum Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer Induces Strong Responses In Animals
Parents Say Their Son Can Be Given Chemotherapy After Initially Refusing Treatment
Are We Genetically Programmed To Care About The Long-Term Future ?
International Health Organizations Urge More Funding For Yellow Fever Vaccine Stockpile
MS Society Scotland Supports Shine On Scotland Campaign
Kinex Pharmaceuticals To Present At ASCO 2009 Annual Meeting
Child Deaths Drop Sharply
New York Times Series Examines Maternal Mortality In Tanzania
Des Moines Register Examines Planned Parenthood Of Greater Iowa 75 Years After Founding
UPMC Sports Medicine To Host "Enhance Your Workout," A Free Workshop
Opinion Pieces React To Obama\'s Nomination Of Sotomayor To Supreme Court
Discovery Of Faulty Genes Could Reveal Risk Of Bone Disease
Stirling Products Limited (ASX:STI) Gets Approval For TB And HIV Treatment "Immunoxel" In South Africa
Stimulus Funds Help Community Health Centers Expand Services, Remain Open
Psychiatrists Begin Revising Diagnostic Manual For Mental Illnesses
California Official Details Proposed Health Care Cuts In Schwarzenegger\'s Budget Plan
World Cup Campaign To Build Centers To Provide HIV/AIDS Education, Other Services To At-Risk African Youth
Japan Revises SSRI Warnings--Hostility, Violence
Trust Supporters Hold Celebration Day For Mental Health Care, UK
Removing Arsenic From Drinking Water: Guanajuato Will Be First To Try Rice\'s \'Nanorust\'
Swiss Initiative In Systems Biology Launches New Projects
Breakthrough Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis Offers New Hope To Patients
Why Some Prostate Cancer Returns
DxS And Exiqon Diagnostics To Host A Joint Personalized Cancer Therapy Workshop During The ASCO Annual Meeting
Thyroid Journal: First Comprehensive Guidelines For Managing Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Researchers Study Hair To Track Perpetrators Of International Crime
Development Of DNA Drugs Gives Hope To Lupus Patients
Food Safety Measures For Fiddleheads, Health Canada
Prescription Drug Use Dropped In 2008, Though Spending Increased, Medco Research Indicates
Don\'t Let The Credit Crunch Squeeze Your Vision!